Major Scale Exercises Helen Coleman FULL PACKAGE ZIP

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Major Scale Exercises Helen Coleman FULL PACKAGE ZIP

Content:   PDF file of sheet music,  and mp3 for exercises based on the major scales.  This product is well suited to Contralto, Mezzo Soprano or Soprano vocal ranges, and will also be suitable for younger singers who have not yet developed a large range as well as more mature voices looking for uncomplicated warm up exercises.  These exercises should be sung to vowels, however preferably started with “aw” as in the word “caught” in order to keep the voice forward.  Once this is mastered, progress to singing on vowels  “ah” as in “cart” and Italian vowels.  Each piece is individually listed in the products, with key, time and tempo markings, and  lowest and highest note.   It is important to establish the lower middle range of the voice prior to establishing the higher voice, so these exercises are a great starter kit for Sopranos as well as low voices.

1 review for Major Scale Exercises Helen Coleman FULL PACKAGE ZIP

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacqui Scott

    A fabulous learning aide/tool, my daughter’s voice has advanced using these exercises regularly. Well worth the money.

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