Vocalise 12b for High Voice Helen Porter Mitchell, with Melody mp3

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Vocalise 12b for High Voice Dame Nellie Melba, with Melody  over the accompaniment to facilitate learning.  Once the melody is well established, the accompaniment should be used.  It is available for separate download.  Vocalise should be sung to a vowel, preferably “ah”, but there is much value to be had in alternating Italian vowels.  If the voice is placed too far back, sing to “aw” or even “gnaw”.   This vocalise is in 3/4 time, and is marked Scherzando.  It is of a higher degree of difficulty than the vocalises marked in lower numerals i.e Vocalise 1 or 2.  A lovely piece with quavers, semi-quavers, staccato and portamento.    For more about Vocalises, please read my blog.  They are excellent for establishing breathing, support, and all aspects of singing, as well as useful for warming up the voice.


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