Vocalise for Low Voice Dame Nellie Melba (Melba Method) FULL PACKAGE ZIP

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Vocalise for Low Voice Dame Nellie Melba FULL PACKAGE ZIP

A compilation of Vocalises composed by Australian Soprano, Dame Nellie Melba.   Vocalise for low voice are suitable for most vocal ranges, and are an invaluable for working on breathing, intonation, vibrato, and the establishment of a smooth legato line.   Melody lines are played to assist with learning, making them suitable for those who are commencing singing, as well as more advanced vocalists.  Once the melody is established, please use the accompaniment only to allow for more freedom in singing.  Vocalises are “songs without words”, an excellent training tool that have been used for the past two hundred years by singers.   The melody line is sung to a vowel.  Generally, I pefer to start singers singing to “aw” as in the word “caught” – this keeps the voice desirably forward.  Once this has been established, the pieces can be sung to other vowels.   The package contains pieces in different keys and tempos, and will be a valuable asset for anyone wishing to improve their vocal technique, regardless of genre.  Singers who download this zip file will not need to download the individual mp3 files.   These are the Melba Method Vocalises 1 to 9, melody and accompaniment.  If you purchase the vocalise, and would like advice on their use for practise, or have any queries, please feel free to contact me via this site.


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